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B11  Classroom                                                                                                         16/08/2011


Tasks to be done at home: Week 6

  1. Learn all your spellings from your spelling note book.
  2. Go online  to Complete self-pace activities.
  3. Writing: Write on the topic “Save the Sharks” to persuade the people why we should save the sharks. Remember we have discussed about this in our reading.
  4. DAILY Reading: Do daily reading and update your reading log.
  5. Help an adult to cook or bake something. Write the recipe (step by step) while practising your handwriting – practise sloping and linking the letters.  Don’t forget to write the list and measurements of the ingredients.
  6. DAILY Lockdown diary:  Write about at least 5 things you did each day. Write in complete and detailed sentences and paragraphs. Details could be: You talking to someone, inner thoughts, describe feelings, shape, size, colour, touch, smell, sounds
  7. DAILY exercise: Create your own workout routine like in team fitness. Do at least 6 different exercises for different parts of your body. Do them 12 times each. Repeat the cycle 3 times. Stretch and drink water after

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