Finlayson Park School

Sia Mo'ui 

"Weaving the Life of the Child" through the Tongan Culture and Language"

Sia Mo'ui was officially opened in September 2011 with 2 classes.  The roll in Tongan unit continues to grow with now 5 classes ranging from Years 1 to Year 8.

The philosophy of Sia Mo'ui is to develop and nurture the Tongan Language and Culture. This is achieved by delivering a balanced curriculum in both the Tongan and English language.

To provide a strong foundation for learning, the Tongan community are very supportive and the families understand the benefits and importance of being a bilingual learner.  The Sia Moúi teachers and support staff encourage the students and parents to take pride in using their Tongan language, to embrace their cultural practices and traditions.

"While at school we strive to support our students in achieving their potential in all academic, sporting and cultural fields"

Olivia Latu is the Team Leader.