Finlayson Park School

Manuia le tausaga fou! Happy New Year!

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O le Taiala  

"O la’u gagana o se faasinoala i la’u aganuu.  O lo’u tofi mai le Atua, ta te faapelepele, faasoa ma faafaileleina”.

"O Le Taiala” is a Samoan Bilingual Unit which was established in our school in 1996. We use a Dual Medium model which is an additive programme that aims to foster bilingualism and biliteracy, in the Samoan and English Language by Year 8.

Our Senior Leader is Lola Fonoti and out Senior Teacher is Elizabeth Elia. Students enjoy learning and acknowledging their Samoan language and culture. Teachers also appreciate the contribution and support from our parents.

O le Taiala Teachers (10 classrooms) use the NZC and Finlayson Park School Curriculum.  Both documents support the Samoan Scheme "Taiala Galue” for teaching and learning.

Interests, needs and all learning areas are met through the inquiry learning approach, but there is a scope and time for mini units of learning according to incidental interest. 

Our model of delivery is:

Year 1 and 280% Samoan20% English
Year 3 and 460% Samoan40% English
Year 5 to 850% Samoan50% English

O le Taiala is an integral part of our school and there is full interaction with other areas of the school, it is not an island on its own.

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.  If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.”
(Nelson Mandela)