Finlayson Park School


Nga Hau e Wha Toru is an English medium Year 5 and 6 team. We are proud to have a student population made up of many diverse cultures which reflects our schools strong multicultural community. We always encourage our students to speak in their first language as we value all first language speakers. 

Finlayson Park School continues our innovative teaching and learning programme to cater for students' choices of what and how they would like to learn.   

All lessons are planned with the integration all the curriculum areas with an emphasis on strengthening the Literacy and Numeracy across the team.

As part of the innovative programme, the students are developing their knowledge, skills, attitudes and values through the Key Competencies.  Teaching tasks and lessons are planned to ensure that our students are learning to make informed decisions, not afraid to take risks and to develop digital skills to prepare them as 21st century learners.

Mechelle Berry is the Team Leader