Finlayson Park School


On this page you will find out about what we do in A1. If you have any queries, please see the class teacher for more information.


 Term 1  

In Term 1, in our Team Nga Hau e Wha Tahi,  the unit topic was  'Courteous Communities'. We focused on the Key Competencies 'Managing Self' and 'Thinking'. The values we focused on were 'Manaakitanga' and 'Respect'.


In Term 2, our team unit topic is 'Nga Kararehe', 'The Animals. In Term 1 the students showed a real interest in insects so this is the focus of our study. The Key Competencies are 'Participating and Contributing', and 'Thinking'. The values are, 'Diversity' and 'Respect'. 


   In Term 1 our team topic is '