Finlayson Park School

FPS Childcare Philosophy


Finlayson Park Childcare aims to provide a warm, accepting and nurturing

environment where children can develop to their full potential.

The Staff recognise that parents are the primary caregivers and will work at the partnership where the child and the family needs are paramount.

 Our aim will be to provide a child-centered program where staff, work alongside

children, challenging, extending and  supporting them.

 Staff will also plan to provide an environment that is as home-like as possible; where visitors are made welcome; where there are frequent walks and outings to the Library, Parks, Recreation Centre and school; where children have the opportunities to make decisions and taking responsibility for things such as caring for their Centre and each other.

 Under 2's


The staff in the under 2’s area endeavour to provide a safe, loving and nurturing environment that enables our Infants and toddlers to develop at their individual level.  We establish the children into good  routines in conjunction with home and Centre life.

We require parents to supply: 

  • Nappies that can be stored in large quantities.
  •  Bottles to be sterilised at home daily.  Older children can have 1 kept at the centre.
  • Enough food of a good nutritional value per day.
  • Clothing , at least 3 full changes of clothing per day.
  • Footwear suitable for the outdoors. 
  • Wipes if preferred (we use flannels).

 Over 2’s


We are a very adventurous group in the

Over 2’s, so can you please send me with:

 At least 3 changes of clothes.

  • Gumboots and or good walking shoes in the winter.
  • Good sandals (in the summer) for  walking.
  •  Swimming togs.
  •  Named Sunhat.

 Note:  We keep warm hats, rain coats and towels for swimming but if you want to supply your own that is great.