Finlayson Park School



The Arrowsmith Programme has been operating for three years with excellent measurable success.  We were the first school in New Zealand to establish 2 Arrowsmith Programmes (2013) from Toronto, Canada. 


Arrowsmith is a neuroplasticity programme that "grows the brain” in up to 15 cognitive areas. This as an excellent vehicle to support students and adults who suffer from dyslexia & dyspraxia as well as some other learning disabilities.  Parents who have concerns for their child can discuss possibilities with our Principal.  If this pathway seems a correct one for your child an Arrowsmith assessment can be done to ascertain the exact needs of your child.


Adults often sit outside the variety of programmes that are available for young students and youth.  In many cases they have learnt to compensate for their disability to a certain degree so we have now established an Adult Arrowsmith programme too.  Adults can opt into a part time course and can work on one or two cognitive areas which are the most difficult for them.


NZ Registered Teachers have been specially trained at the Arrowsmith headquarters in Toronto Canada and in Sydney Australia.  On going webinar training is undertaken once per term and our whole programme is overseen by a facilitator for programme advice when needed. 


It is obvious that there are many students and adults out there who have "slipped through the educational net” so this programme at Finlayson Park School is making an amazing difference to many student and adult levels of learning competence.

For more information phone Principal on (09) 2665558 or email