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Page Maui Q n A


Who is Maui?

 Maui is a demi-god of many countries. He is a shape shifting demi-god.

Why was Maui abandoned by his mother?

Maui's mother (Taranga) was scared because of Maui's early birth she thought that he was a lifeless baby so she cut her hair and wrapped him in it and left him in the moana. 

 How many legends are there about Maui? 

There are many legends that it is almost impossible to count them all.

Where is Maui from?

From the information that I have found Maui is from Hawaii.

What is Maui's hook?

Maui's hook is a jawbone pasted down from his grandmother.




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Page Matariki



Matariki is a cluster of star’s that appear in the sky around late May and early June.

Matariki is a constellation of stars. Matariki is also known as a Maori New tear.

Matariki is also a sign of growing crops, hunting and fishing.

If the seven stars is not seen very well then that means that it is a bad year to plant crops.

Matariki is visible most of the year expect in late fall.

Maori believed that if the stars are more visible then that means that it would be a warmer season so you can grow crops.

The 7 sisters have names Waiti, Waita, Waipuna-a-

rangi,Tupu- a-nuku,Tupu-a-rangi,Ururangi and finally Matariki.

Matariki means small eyes and in Japan it means Subaru.

In my personal opinion I think that Matariki is a very difficult subject to understand. If you haven’t done have not research about it. I did enjoy writing about this topic because I have gained more knowledge.


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File Set Pepeha & Whakapapa

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Page Manurewa Ppeha

Nga pepeha no Manurewa

Moana -Te Manukatanga a Hoturoa 
Awa- Te Puhinui
Iwi- Te Waiohua/Waikato
Hapu -Ngati Te Ata, Te Akitai
Maunga- Maatukutureia
Waka- Tainui
Awa -Tainui - Tau utu utu, tu mai, tu atu
Tikanga- Hei te kaupapa

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Page Reading


Reading journal

·     Puawai Cairns

Te Papa detective

By Whiti Hereaka


·     Puawai is the main character.


·     Puawai’s role is a curator at Te Papa museum as a curator she researches about ancient taonga.


·     It is important to learn the history behind Taonga’s because a taonga can hold many stories about our ancestor’s.

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