My goals
Wi Anaru

 Goals are very important.Goals give me a vision to work towards . Have a look at the goals I have set myself and will 

now work hard to achieve. How are you going to help me achieve my goals? 

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Page Goals Term 3 31-08-2017

 My Goals: Wi Anaru


Reading: My goals for reading is to modulate my voice and to

comprehend what the text means in my story.

Evaluation:  Wi has made progress with reading.  He can re-tell and explain the main point about the text clearly.

Next steps:  Wi need to re-read and retain the information that he has read.  With open ended questions this will help him understand the text a bit better.


Writing: My goals for writing is to reach level 4 in my writing

and to add alliterations and similes more often.

Evaluation:  Wi has improved with his writing skills.  He can use a range of parts of speech to enhance his work.

Next steps:  Wi needs to continue working on his goal and take risks to capture the reader.


Maths: My goals  is to learn  my decimals and

percentages, also to estimate big numbers with multiplication and division. 

Evaluation:  Wi has the basic fact under control and he is able to share the strategies he uses. 

Next steps:  Wi is learning fractions, measurement and decimal.  He needs to demonstrate the skill he has learnt.

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Student’s Name:                                                                         Date:

Teacher:                                                                                           Room: 

Teachers have been assessing children’s levels of achievement to decide on their next learning goals.  It is important to share and discuss with each other how we can best support children to reach their next target goal.


My next goals are:

 I am at      Level 28      


I am expected to be at  level 29

  • After __7__ year at school.
  • By the end of the year.


To be able to differentiate between fiction and non fiction.



My next goals are:

 I am at            


I am expected to be at  

  • After ____ year at school.
  • By the end of the year.



My next goals are:
 I am at  stage 6         


I am expected to be at 7          

 By the end of the year at school.

  • By the end of the year

 My goals is to learn on my fractions and percentages. I will acheive this by 

 - practising how to solve fraction and percentage problems

 - Work harder and listen to others sharing their knowledge

 - Using different strategies 

 - use Study ladder 



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