Wi Anaru

 Easter Quiz: 13-4-17


1. What is the longest Maori word and its meaning? 

Taumatawhakatangi hangakoauauotamatea turipukakapikimaunga horonukupokaiwhen uakitanatahu

means for a hill located close to  Porangahau south of Waipukarau in southern Hawkes Bay.

2. Name 7 different Atua and what they rule?

Tawhirimatea- God of wind

Tane Mahuta- God of Forest

Tumatauenga- God of war

Tangaroa- God of oceans

Rongomaitane - God of peace

Ranginui- God of the sky

Papatuanuku- God of land


3.What are the names of the 7 stars of Matariki?

Te Uru o Te RangiTupua a Rangi,Tupua a Nuku, Waiti, Waita, Waipuna a Rangi and Matariki. 

4. Write down the 5 kiwaha you have learnt this term and their meanings?

E Kuhu Koe- Give it a go

Hinengaro Makere- Oops

Kia Ahatia- So what

Tau Ke- Awesome

Auware Ake :  I don't know 

5. What is the ladder scoreboard of the NRL top 8 ?  The answer is 6 points.



6. Who is the New Zealander that has just got a 10 year contract with The Cowboys? 

 Jason Taumalolo's


7. Name 5 markets in  Auckland?

-  Otara Markets

- Wesley Markets

- Takapuna Markets

- Howick Village Markets

- Avondale Sunday Markets


8. Name 3 famous singer who have just toured NZ?

 - Lorde

- Stan Walker

- Adele


9. What does ROYGBIV mean?













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