Goals for term 1

 Why do we set goals?

I set my  goals so I can get a really good education to get a really good job to help my family. 


Aisea e seti ai ia sini?  

E seti  au  sini ina ia lelei au aoaoga ina ia maua se galuega lelei e fesoasoani ai i lou aiga.

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Page Writing/Tusitusi

  I am currently at level 10 

At the end of the year/stage I should be on level 13 in writing.

 My Goals?

write tidy

be in a higher level that I never bein on

check my spelling

understand what I'm writing about.


O Lou Sini? 

  tusi aulelei

alu i Le tausaga outele alu iai

ma  vaaiLou upu sipela

 Malamalama Lou  uiga o Au  tusigatala. 

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Page Reading/Faitautusi

 I am currently at reading age of 9.5.

My expected reading age at the end of the year should be 13 Years 

my actions for my reading  is to read hard chapters and to understand what the book is about.

 I Lau faitautusi, ou te taumafai ina ia  mafai ona ou  faitauina  se tusi faigata ma ia ou  malamalama i lona  uiga.

My Goals?

.is to read a page at a day

 . read the book properly by sounding out the hard word that is hard to sound out

. Tell a partner if they know any words that is hard for us and to see if they know.

.Reading  is the key to go in a better level of having a the required qualities of understanding

Reading is astonishing for students like us



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Page Maths/Matematika

I am currently on stage 6 for my maths

At the end of the year I should be on level 8 for my maths.

My Goals?

Is to know my multiplications,  strategies,and to  know my way of solving word problems.

.Test myself for my maths to see how many minutes or seconds i have been doing my times and try to beat it.

.learning and observing other students strategies and ideas of how they solve their problems in maths.

O Au Sini? 

 Ia ou iloa faaaoga auala ma metotia eseese i le sailiga o tali  o lau faatele ma numera upu.

ia ou galue e fuafua i le taimi ia fai ma lu'i ia te a'u ina ia ou laasia ai se isi laasaga fou pe maualuga atu nai lo le laasaga o lo o ou iai nei. 

ia ou aoaoina ma matau auala ma metotia mai isi tamaiti i le sailiina o a latou tali o galuega upu i le matematika ina ia alualu i luma lo'u taumafai i le matematika. 

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