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Maths is really hard but if you know your multiplications   you can solve anything  straight away like us OLT7 we did these kind of maths.You can be in a higher class level and you can be so I'm mean so smart in the class or in the school and that's where I have to be in the high level and to be fast at saying the answer straight away because I am a years 8.

O matematika e lelei mo matou maufaufau o matematika e lelei foi mo matou tausaga Tasi,Lua,Tolu,Fa,Lima,Ono,Fitu,Valu.







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 Why is maths so important?Because if we do some stratergies  we can just have the answer straight away.Maths is the best work that everyone to do because it makes your brain work hard Or we can work by ourself to work it out.


Here is  the sheet 1 from last term  


Sheet 2


Sheet 3


And here is some maths that I did this term





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 Anna went to 6 classes to interview her dance interest group she went to 0T7 , OT8 , OT9 , OT5 , OT3 , OT6 and there were 18 students from each class that joined.

How many students were there altogether? 








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Aisea e taua Le matematika?Aua e pea fai Le fuafuaga e aumai lelei le Tali mole .O Le matematika e leleitele tagata uma lava.E lelei mo Le matou faiai e ala Ma e malosi Tele.

o Lou matematika Lea i Le tausaga 1 ma Le tausaga fou lenei.

laupapa 1






O Lou matematika lea o Lou matematika mo lenei tausaga.





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