Hi my name is Leiloga Tapu i am 11 years and i am  year 8

My favourite brands are Nike,Air max, Jordan's, Adidas.

My favourite hot food is chips,chicken,kebab,crab sticks 

My favourite hobby is singing and dancing because its my dream

My favourite  subject is sticking works on walls and doing jobs for my teacher.  

My favourite sports is rugby,touch and  netball because i love sports and i love to keep myself healthy but its just my parents eating junk food around me. 

 I love to do jobs for my teacher because i dont know if she is okay without any help but i have to wait for her permitionlol 

 My favourite dessert is strawberry ice cream,cookies and cream,hockey pockey and chocolate  brownies

My favourite singers is Ariana Grande,Nicki Manaj, Little Mix, Rihanna Chrish Brown,Bruno Marslovered

i would love to be a years 8 because i will take my ownership and be a leadership 

I love to sing and dance at the same time why because i want to follow my dream and because i can perform a front of everyone 

I love cleaning up my class/house because i always clean up my house and i want to treat my class as my own home 




I love to listen to this song because this song makes me smile alot sweat




When Im lonely i would have Jesus by my side always



I love ❤️  this song because it makes me being proud of myself in class even when i can do things myselflol



I born from New Zealand and i love dancing to songs and making nice friends and love taking my owner ship

and i love to talk in Samoan because i do not speak Samoan really but i want to be like my teacher because she knows everything about Samoa. 

I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers inlor and 1nephew isint that awsome and there so adorable

Remember my teacher Miss Skelton is the best   





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Page me myself and I

 Hello my name is Leiloga Tapu im 13 years old and im a year 8.

My parents name is bernadette Piripi and Sale Tapu.

I have 4 sisters and no brothers their names are Timaru ,Dayna,Laquisha then me.

Timaru is the oldest Dayna is the 2 oldest Laquisha is the 3 oldest and leiloga wich is me im am the youngest.
I have 2 twins that is a boy and a girl and one twin past away witch is the boy and i have my oldest nephew that is a boy.
My Niece and my Nephew names are Princeton the oldest then Passion then the baby boy pheniox.

I love to travel countries because i can see my favourite  movie stars and my favourite singers.

My friends are kimberlina Maria Feliuai.
I always do my work by myself because i have no one to work with but i would love to give something a try myself but the only thing is that i might cry.

I love too babysit my nephew and niece and sometimes i tell my parents that if we can visit the twin boy that pasted away and they will say okay.

My parents loves to go out for dinner but they are worried about Me and Laquisha because no one will look afther us and Me and Laquisha said dont worry about us  worry about you guys having a nice dinner together and have fun.

I said to my parents to hold hands like they are getting married again and i played this song Take my hand and dont let go by sprawnbreezie.


This song makes me feel young again even my parents holding hands

     Thank you for you time





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 My goal 

My goal is to keep up with my work and don't miss school but it's just bad things happen during school days.And to go up to a next level,listen properly,listen to instructions.

My interest  

My intrest is to be a singer and a  dancer because I want to travel other countries and to learn students how to sing and  dance and i like to be a couch singer and dancer.










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