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What I Remember about camp

O lea le me oute manatua i tualaupiga 


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 I Remember that Anne- Marie, Kimberlina ,Alicia and I recording ourselves and listening to music on musically because we got bored.

I Remember group 1 went to the crate climbing.Jacob jumped on the rope and he slammed his body in the water nd he failed.

I Remember Alicia and I went to the hydroslide and Alicia as lid by herself then Miss Skelton pushed me and I crashed into Alicia and she went into the wter and i ws laughing.

I Remember me and Miss Skelton was playing the badminton and we kept on winning so we portended that we where at a rel game but we where not anyways we sill won and we called our group name badminton crew  

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Page Oute Manatua

Oute Manatua Au,Anne-Marie,Kimberlina ma Alicia  o loo pueina i matou lava male fiafia i musika i musically aua s matou faanoanoa.

Oute Manatua o le kulupu 1 na alu i le pasi maualuga ae na alu Jacob i luga o le maea ma na ia pau lalo le vai ae na ua alu i au manuia.

Oute Manatua o ua ma Alicia sa o i lalo o le fala seega ae alu male atoa Alicia ma pau ese le kapeka ma na ou alo pea ae na soa au e Alicia.

Oute Manatua maua ma Miss Skelton sa taalo le taaloga o le badminton ma e matou manumalo le matou au ma o le matou igoa o le badminton crew. 

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