Me, Myself and I

Hey! My name is Tinei Deborah Partsch I am 13 years old and I am a year 8 student at Finlayson Park  School. #razzsmileysweat

I have one brother and  my  little baby sister. razzThese are my  best friends for life Fetuao, Annjayna, and Saeseese . My favourite colours are  Blue, Black and Hot pink. I love going to new places, going on adventure,

and meeting new people.  money 

 I enjoy listening  to music  when I am in the car.

This is one of my favourite songs ever since I was  8 years old. Every time I listen to it, it  makes me emotionnal

 because it is a beutiful song #lovelovelove


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Page My best for friend

My BFF ( Best For Forever )lovelovelovelove

Fetuoa BFFsmiley

Annjayna CBFkiss

Anna SBFrazz

And ME MYSELF N I money

We call our self the QUADS...

Love them so so muchhhh.lovelovelovelovelove

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Page Family is the world to me

 My Family means the world to me, because it is the most important thing to me in the whole wide world. LIKE THEY SAY "FAMILY LIFE GREATEST GIFT". So here my little family.

Mum: Leaso Afatia Partsh.         Dad: Tony Junior Partsch.               Brother: Manuel Manny Partsch.     Sister: Emmleroniya Partsch           Dog: Jackey Partsch and Me. Myself and I. LOVE YOU GUYS FROM THE MOON AND BACK.....                        


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