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Page Book Sammy

Title : The White Mouse.

Where did this story take place? This story took place at France during the second world war.

Who were the character ? the character were Nancy, Henri.....

Write their name and brief description of each one ? Nancy has brown eyes, short black curly hair, and a beautiful smile. Henri is Nancy husband.

What was the action in the story?Nancy leant how to shoot gun and blow up train. Nancy went undercover for the resistance, and the resistance call Nancy the white mouse because they couldn't find her. Nancy got a old truck and turned into an ambulance for the soldier when they hurt.

How did the story end? After the war Nancy was a hero to the Allied forces and she was one of the most decorated women. Nancy died in 2011, Nancy had 10 madals. It was sad for the Allied to let her go.

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Page Reading Samoan


O se nofoaga e mamao tele lava.

O se foliga pe a le lelei se mea.

Ala po le aso ua uma lenei aso ae toe oso le la taeao.

O se manoa e te tago e nonoa.

O le igoa o le nuu i Samoa

O se mea e ilaila lei pei o fetu i luga le lagi.

E taua tele le mea i se tagata.

Uo ou tago faasolomuli le taavale.

Aua ete faavaivai i lou lumanai poo lou galuega i le lumanai.

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