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OMG!! What an term!! This term has been a really tought term. Our first bonding trip we dicided  to go to Goat Island.



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Olt7 Bonding Trip.

On Thursday 2nd of March ot7 went to the best bonding trip to Goat Island.

In the morning we distributed the mike. After we gathered around in class to do the roll, prayer and to set some rules.

After that we lined up and walked to the van. On our way to Goat Island we were eating our lunch, sleeping and singing songs.

Now, we made our first stop at the petrol stations to have a toilet break buy snacks and bought an aux wire so we could listen to dj fle songs.

We finally arrived at Goat Island snorkel and diving shop. We stopped there because we needed our equipment such as our swim suit, snorkel, flippers, and a boogie board.

Soon as we got to the marine reserve at matakana our leaders Sarah and Sara went over some rules about swimming and staying together.

I really had fun because that was my first time seeing different fishes. We had an hour swim so that was cool.

On our way home we stopped at Mc Donald for a feed. Than was my favourite part of the trip.

We finally arrived at school at 6pm. We were excited because we arrived at school but tired at the same time.

I really enjoyed our bonding trip, I had lots of fun and I would really like to go there again.

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Page Your invited

Talofa lava.

On wensday 8th of march we would like to invite you to our OLT open day.

We will start at 9;15 and finsh at 6;00.

We will gather altogether at F.P.S in olt.

R.S.V.P directly to TJ Leilua.

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Page samoan toast

Toast and a Cup of tea.

You will need:                         You will need:

1)Bread.                                 1)Tea bag. 

2)Toast.                                  2)Sugar.

3)Butter.                                 3)Milk.

4)Jam.                                    4)Boiling water.

5)Knife.                                  5)Tea spoon.

Fresh borwn toast.

1)First select how many slices of bread you want.

2)Grab the toaster.

3)Put the bread in the toaster.

4)Put the heater on any level.

5)Wait until it fresh and brown.

6)Spread it with butter and jam.

7)Put it in a plate and enjoy.

Cup of tea.

1)Grab a tea spoon.

2)Add two spoon of sugar.

3)Then pour in boiling water.

4)Add milk in the cup.

5)Stir it up.

6)Take the tea bag.

7)Then enjoy.

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