Reading Term 1

 This Term we been reading a book about the white mouse.Its about a lady who wanted to help the german people by being a doctor.

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Page The White Mouse.





 Who were the characters?

 The Characters in the white mouse story was? Nancy wake and her husband Henri Fiocca. Nancy was a lady that was very brave. Nancy also learnt to shoot gun's and blow bombs. She left New Zealand in 1914, and went to live in Australia.

Hennri Fiocca was Nancy's husband he was part of the war in 1940. He got shot on the hand. Nancy tered the train in to a truck.

 Describe the Character's?

Nancy was a brave lady. She was two years old she lived in New Zealand and she moved in Australia in 1914. She has curly black hair.

 Hennri Fiocca is Nancy's husband. He was part of the world world war two. Hennri was supposed to join Nancy. 

 Adolf Hitler?

 The second world war began in 1939, when germany, led by Adolf Hitler.And his (za) nazi party.



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Page Joshua the new leader.

Who was the new leader after Moses ? What did God tell Joshua when he became the new leader? Did he follow God's leadership? How?

 Joshua became the new leader. Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. yes  Joshua followed and obeyed him. by listening to God's words.


Who are some leader in our church, our city,our country? tell something about what they do. What happens when they leave their jobs? How are new  leaders elected to take their place?

Siloa lologa,Bill English Louisa wall. Well siloa lologa does lot of thing to help our  church to come better. Bill English looks after our country and our homes. Louisa wall protects our families and manurewa. When they leave, New Zealand will vote who will be the pry minster next, but when siloa go   the church will pick who will be the next paster. 


 Should leader follow Gods leadership?why?

Yes they should because God means everything to us and if they dont follow God's leadership that means something happens to them. 


Who did Joshua send to spy on the city of Jericho? Who helped hide the two spies How? How did the spies help her out later?  

Joshua sent two spies to the  city to sneak in Rahab's house. It was Rahab who hide the two spies up the roof under stalks of flax.The spies help Rahab by tying a red rope to located the house.


What are some ways you can help the leaders in your church? Communities, Works,School and nation?

 I would help by raising money and help them by keeping the church clean and something  else that needs to be done.I will help them the communities by helping them get a job or help them by keeping their area clean.I will help the people by giving them more hour to work so they can get more money to look after their family or them selves, and i will help school by making there uniforms cheap and were the correctly. 






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