Me Myself And I

Hello my name is Daniel Aukuso and I am 12 years old, I love to play rugby because it's one of the best sports ever coolcool    I love to eat food that's suitable for my health because its healthy for me and can be healthy for my family as well. I have two sisters and five brothers and obviously we have parents. My favourite instrument is the drums, because the first time I saw it, it reminded me of my uncle drumming.




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Calendar daniel

On march 27 i will tern 12

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Page Mygoals

 My goals for this year

  • Is to get an award at the end of the year for being the best leader, So I can set up a good education for my future.
  • Be the best leader that I could become.
  • Join all the sports so I could be a good athlete. This will also benefit my health.


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Page Interest

 I would love to be professional rugby player when I grow up because I am a big fan of rugby. Also, I love to play the drums because I think it's one of the best instruments ever.lovelove 

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Page Hobbies

I love to play on my play station at home and I love eat foods that is suitable for my healthcoollol  

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