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Blog Mahi Tuhituhi

This term TR7 have been focussing on three types of writing, Tuhinga Māhorahora (Free Writing), Tuhinga Tūhono (Connection Writing) and Tuhinga Taki (Reciting) to showcase who we are.

Fun Day Monday

Posted on 28 March 2017

Tuhinga Taki

Fun Day Monday
 It was Monday 27.03.17
Whaea Tayla  was not at school because she was sick.
Instead we had Whaea Aroha. The first thing that we done was to plan our day. In the morning we done maths. We played a math game which was called PacMan math. The point of the game was to answer as many questions as you can and if you get the question  right then you get to  take one step closer to who ever you want to get out. The last one standing is the winner. Then we played another game called softball but with maths. How this game works is you get in to groups of 4 or more. Next you chose what you are good at, for example i am good at adding numbers together. After you do that you get in a circle. You may need two extra people to record the time and wright how long the time is. RULES! Every game has rules. This game includes  cards. You need to flip the cards so that you wont be able to see the numbers of the cards.The next step is to  get three cards and place It on the floor so that the numbers are faced up and than  you can add,takeaway or times the three cards on the floor. The final thing to this  game is to time how long the player is going to be master.Then the bell rang for little lunch. Ding Ding Ding that was the bell to go back to class. Whaea Aroha said go line up for Duffy Assembly. After the Duffy assembly Whaea Aroha said that we can do art. Here is a photo of what i done for art.In the afternoon we started painting our art. We had the choice of doing paint or pastels. I done paint.
Then the bell rang for home time.
That was our Fun Day Monday.   

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Embedded Item Ngā Mahi Tuhituhi

This Term we have being focusing on our Pepeha and family tree. 

We have take photos all term of all of us working hard in our different workshops.

Also we have had some cool different little whakapakari activities to help our knowledge of the type of writing we were focussing on this term.

Here are some students that were willing to share their work with us

And here is a finished piece from one of the students in TR7

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Embedded Item Ngā Mahi Tuhituhi

what i did for my project was tuhituhi

the first step was to write down our whakapapa in our whakapapa we had to write our rangatira then our dads dad. then it goes on and on 

the next step was to draw our family tree we needed to write from our dads dad to me or our mums mum to me.

the third step was to draw and draft a silhouette of our self's we had to draw from our chest all the way from our head.

the fourth step was to publish out silhouette then you need to go over the out line with charcoal you need to make it so that it looks like a shadow.

the second to last thing to do is take the family tree that you have done earlier and write down what you have done on your book and write it     

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Embedded Item Te mahi Pāngarau i te Wahanga Tuatahi

This term we have been doing community maths.
Community math is when your going some where like we did. We went to Polyfest and whaea Tayla gave the class a question that we had to answer. We had to work out the the answer. Here is a photo of what we have done. 

Once we have the question whaea Tayla puts us into 3 or 4 groups. Then we go over our 4 values. Once we have done that we start working out the question.

We have to use strategies to work out the word problem. If we have trouble with working it out, there are strategies on the pangarau wall we can use. If we use a strategy but we don't know what the name of it is called, we then go to the pangarau wall to get the name of the strategy.

Before we show and tell our process, we have to make sure our whole group knows how to show and tell, and understands our process.

When we show and tell, we have to show all our steps from our first one to the last step we took to get the answer.

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Embedded Item Whakaari for Panui

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File Set Ngā Waiata o Tainui

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Embedded Item Kaupapa AKo

This term we have been focusing on our Tuhinga Tuhono. To be able to make a Tuhinga Tuhono you have the choice to write it by hand or wright it on a device. For this demonstration this student has written on a device. Here is photo of what this student has done for his tuhinga tuhono. 

This student has done very well with his Tuhinga Tuhono.

Because our kaupapa ako this term has been both Ko Wai Au and Taku Tainuitanga, this part of our writing has been about our Ko Wai Au, or Who Am I. We had to go back home and do some research from our family, asking who our mātua tupuna are and so on, as far as our great, or grandparents.

Then we came back to school to work on making our own family tree in a picture to help us write our Tuhinga Tuhono.

We then did a study workshop on how to write out a Tuhinga Tuhono, working on the words that help us make this tuhinga similar to the example we got.

By adding in our own family and making our own Tuhinga Tuhono.

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