Ko Wai Au?
Waimihi Hetaraka-Brown

Ko Huruiki te  M aunga
Ko Mokau te  A wa
Ko Tuwhenuaroa te Waka
Ko Te Uri ō Hiki te Hapu
Ko Mokau te Marae
Ko Ngāti wai te Iwi
Ko Waimihi Hetaraka-Brown

I am 11 years old.

I am in Te Roopu Reo Rua Waru.

Here are 3 things that I like to do in the holidays.

1. Seeing my family up North and in Wellington.

2. I like watching movies, playing sports and baking.  

3. The final thing I like to do is going places that I have never been before. 

My 3 favourite subjects to do in school are;

1. Tuhituhi/Writing 

2. Pānui/Reading

3. Mahi toi/Art





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Blog My Goals

This post is going to be about my school goals. These goals will help with school thought out the year

oku whainga kura

Posted on 3 May 2017

My school goals

To improve on my math.
To improve on my reading.
To work on my spelling
How i'm going to achieve my goals.
 By working on more strategies.
 Understanding the question and using times tables,pluses and take away's.
 By reading more often.
 Reading hard book's instead of easy book's.
 Understanding what im reading.
Practicing my spelling every day.
 Using a dictionary. 
 Working on sounding out the word.
 Not understanding.
 Missing school.
 Not paying attention.
Not understanding what im reading.
 Not paying attention to difficult words.
 Not knowing what to read.
  Not practicing every day.
 Starting on a word and not finishing it.
 Dont know how to spell the word so i just give up.

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