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My name is Aryan Krishneel Chandra. I am 13 years old.
In my family I have a little Sister, Mum, Dad, Grandpa and Grandma. Also I have a lot of Cousins. 
My Mums name is Rita Chandra.
My Dads Name is Anish Chandra. 
My little sisters name is Mishika Jiya Chandra.

My Religion is Hindu and I am a Fijian-Indian.

My favourite food is Spicy Lamb Curry with Roti and My favourite Vegetarian food is Aaloo ke tarkari aur Puri Chaaval.

My Hobbies are: Playing Minecraft, Playing Terraria, Playing Soccer, Playing  Roblox, Swimming and doing Homework.

My Birthday is on the 19th of June.

My Future dream job is to be a Software Engineer or White hat Hacker or a Youtuber.  

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Page Goals

Term 1&2 Goals 

Writing: My goal for writing is to Craft and Re-Craft text by revising, editing and checking that the text:

-Meets the purpose

-Engages the intended audience

Reading: My goal for reading is to read books that Improve my vocabulary Also I need to get better at asking questions about the story/article, and I need to get better at reading between the lines.

Math: My goal for math is to learn more formulas, such as find the value of )( / x Questions ETC.

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Blog 20/03/2017

Plans For Mbot

Posted on 20 March 2017

What do I want to do?

I am going to make a big track for the Ranger. I am going to program the Ranger to follow the track on its own.


  1. First I am going to rip off all the tape from the old tracks.

  2. Then I am going to draw out my track/plan my track.

  3. After that I am going to make the track.

  4. Then I will start to program the Ranger.

  5. At the end I will be Happy.

How am I going to Program the Ranger?

I will be using the USB cord or I will be using the I-pad


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Page Term 4 Learning 6/11/2017

 What Have a done Good with my digital learning?

1. Programming the Mbot to; Move, Move on its own, Make the Mbot ''sing'' Star Wars, Make the Mbot dance and Program the Ranger.

2. Use the 3D printer and create Movies/Videos using neat editing skills.


What do I need to work on?

1. Using Google Sheets.

2. Using other

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Page .



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Blog Mbot


Posted on 10 March 2017


Problem Solving (again) and Star Wars.
Today I was  using the Mbot.
What was I doing this time?
This time I was carrying on with my with my Project which was trying to make the Mbot "sing" the Star Wars and make it "dance" to the song.
Did I accomplish my goal?
I have half completed my goal.
What do I mean by this?
I have completed my song but still am working on the dance part.  I will be uploading a video when I am finished.
After the Dance part Matua Nick has said that I can move onto the BIG Mbot.
At the end Matua Nick told us to have a race. We never actually had a race because Phoenix was trying to program his Mbot. Also today again I had to use my problem solving skills because I noticed my Mbot wasn't reaching top speeds. After a long time I found out that my batteries were flat. So today I also used Problem Solving skills.


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Blog Maths


Posted on 20 March 2017

 What Did I do?

I had taken Porowhita which is a maths group and was Working/Teaching them Maths. 


It was because Matua Nick was busy working with another group.

How was the Experience?

It was a wonderful experience. Also it was a horrible experience at the same time.


It was because some children were not listening and were playing around so they did not know what to do.


In the end I had fun teaching them. 


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Page Mbot Reflections


 Problem Solving 

What do I mean by this?

 Well when I had connected my Mbot it was fine but when I tried to "give the Mbot commands" it was not working so I tried to different commands but it didn't work so I tried "Looking inside the Mbot" to see if the connections were wrong. Guess what it was perfect so I when I was TRYING TO PLUG IN THE cord Matua Nick said what are you doing and I told him my Mbot Is not working.

 He told me to use my conflict resolution skills but I couldn't figure it out.     

So he told me what to do but before that I had tried many ways of trying to fix the Mbot.


What Did I Learn From This?

I learnt what to do if my Mbot is not working. Also I learnt to think outside if the box and how to problem solve

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Page 16/03/2017


 The Land Rover.

Today when I went to use the Mbot I realized that today I could make the Land Rover.

 So I was so excited while I was approaching for the keys to open up the Mbot cupboard.

After I had done that I had an idea of doing a time-lapse but pausing time to time and taking photos and taking little videos of myself. 

While I was making the Land Rover I was at first getting confused with the instructions but then I got used to it.

What did I learn?

I learned that my Land Rover was better than Matua Nicks. 


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Blog Maritime Museum Trip

Maritime Museum Trip

Posted on 5 May 2017


On Tuesday 14th February B13 went to a trip to the Maritime Museum. The trip was mainly based around the Ports Of Auckland. Here is what I learnt:


-There are over 250,000(One Quarter of 1 Million) cars imported to New Zealand every 1-2 Years.

-The Ports of Auckland plays a vital role in our economy importing goods like: Dairy Products, Meat, Fruit&Veges and many more. Also Exporting goods such as: Home Appliances, Electronics, T.V's and many.

-There are 9 main Cranes on the Ports the Auckland. The Cranes were 9 Million dollars each.

-The Cranes if not in use are taller than a 26 Story building that is about 281.49 feet.

-The Cranes were imported to New Zealand fully built. The first 3 Cranes arrived in 2002. The other 6 Cranes came later fully built.

- The Estimate amount of all the Cranes costed around $81,000,000( 81 Million dollars)

-There are many smaller ports in the Ports of Auckland but the ports of Auckland is the main one.

-The Ports of Auckland was Built in 1851.

 That is all I learnt. Thanks for reading.

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Page Problem Solving skills are Usefull


Problem Solving skills always are important.


Today when I was going to use the Mbot I went to Matua Nick for the keys and he said I could go try to use the Land Rover which is the big Mbot. 


So after taking the Rover out, I asked Matua Nick, "where is the Bluetooth chip" and he replied, " it doesn't come with a chip Aryan you have to read the instructions to figure to how to connect it.


Once I knew how to connect the Mbot I was I realised it was easier to connect and control via Ipad.

After that when I was Controlling the Mbot I noticed that the wheels were always coming off so I tried to fix it but it didn't work

So what did I learn? I learned 

I learned problem-solving skills are always useful.

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Page .

 TERM 1&2

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Page Mussel Fritters 4/08/2017

 Today was the day that I with my group had made Mussel Fritters.


First thing in the Morning Matua Nick had got us to sit on the mat and asked us some questions about mussels.

 What did I learn from that discussion?


I learnt that there are lots of types of Mussels.

Also that the proper name for mussel is Molluscs. 


After that I had unfortunately had to perform my duties and go to a prefect meeting. 


When i had come back I found out that my group already had opened the Mussels pretty well.

After that Selina and I had cooked the mussels pretty well. Then we were pretty happy after that.



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 On the 11th of August 2017 we B13 went to the Tiaki EXPO It was a blast. I had learnt a lot of many wonderful things. What were some things that I learnt.

 - First of all I saw Ira Munn

- I learnt a few tips on keeping the waters of New Zealand Clean.

- I learnt how to reduce use of plastic.

-I got to use the MICROSOFT HOLO-LENS

-I learnt about many new job opportunity.


These were some of the many things that I learnt and did. The Tiaki EXPO was a great learning opportunity. 





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Image Gallery PHOTOS OF WORK

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Page TERM 3


 In the videos down below you will see many fails.

What are these fails for these are the fails of me trying to programme the Mbot so it can drive from the start of the class and end up at the stairs successfully.

What went wrong ?

 If you closely examine the videos you will see that the Mbot is going curved instead of going straight.

Why? I believe it is because I didn't tighten the wheel enough.  Or it was because the wheels were too tight. I really don't know.

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Page Minecraft Reflection

 On the Weekend I had received an email from Matua Nick saying, " Hi Aryan here is a Minecraft Competition do you want to enter this Competition. I replied yes.


On Monday when I arrived at school and found out that I had to work with a group. The Group was Timmy, Aura, Gloria and me.  

So Timmy and I had found out the details of downloading Minecraft.  After that we had a whole lot of trouble downloading Minecraft. Then we had a whole lot of trouble getting accounts for Minecraft. We had got that sorted.


Now when everything seemed fine we all couldn't get on the same world. (arrrrggghhhhh) We still are working on that problem.


Then I found out Kahurangi joined the Group. I thought this was good  but I had to teach Kahurangi how to play Minecraft.  She got on to it pretty fast.


What failed?

 - Downloading Minecraft. (solved that)

- Getting accounts for Minecraft.  (solved that)

- Joining the same world. (working on that).


What will I do next time?

Remember what happened and not do it again. 


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Image Gallery Speech Mark

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Page Speech


On Thursday 24th August we had our speeches and it was a BLAST. We had 6 people representing 4 classes in the speeches . Unfortunately I didn't get a place in the team comp but I am happy that I gave it a go.

Here is my speech:

Have you ever sat down and wondered what the world was like 30 years ago. A world without PHONES, PS4 and Wifi.Yes people there was a time without WiFi but I’m not here to talk about PS4 and free WiFi I'm here to tell you How the world and your life has been altered through the ways of Technology.

When I said technology you probably thought I was going to talk about some random guy on their phone playing flappy bird. Well NO, I am here to say that fridges and vehicles and many other items are an important part of technology altering the world and your life.

Technology has altered everything. The way you talk, walk, and even the way you learn.

From writing with paper and pen to typing on laptops and phones.

Here are other ways technology has altered your life and the world.

  1. With the help of technology many people and animals without limbs have been able to get robotic limbs.

  2. Following on With the aide of technology we have created other parts of the human body. Such as a bionic ear which is better than the human ear.

  3. We are able to 3D print food.

  4. Help us advancing in our learning.

  5. Self Driving cars.

  6. We can communicate over long distances.

  7. 3D printing has been able to create many wonderful items.

  8. Has made Navigation easier.

  9. We can freeze and heat our food using Microwave and Fridges.

  10. We can travel long and short distances easily.

  11. From eating raw and not so delicious food to creating many delicacies.

  12. From running outside for exercise to watching T.V on the powerfit and standing in one stop .

  13. We are able to receive news.

  14. Able to see what other people are doing using social media.

How was this possible it was possible because of 2 words and only 2 words. What are those 2 words? INNOVATIVE IDEAS.

Technology has been able to alter your lives and the world through innovative ideas and innovative thinkers.

How about Notch Markus Persson half of you don’t even know who he is. He also is another innovative thinker and the creator of Minecraft. He had sold Minecraft to Microsoft for 2 billion dollars. Not just a game when you think about.

Hey listen up I'm not done yet because like everything Technology unfortunately has an dark and ugly side. Which has negatively altered the world and your life.

Now I here saying, "how?”

Well here you go.

  1. Scamming.

  2. Pollution.

  3. Cyber Bullying

  4. Greed and Corruption.

  5. Impacting children in a negative way.

  6. Weapons.

  7. Fear.

  8. distracting children from learning.

  9. Illegal activity. Drugs and ETC.

  10. The deep dark Web.

These are some of the many horrible and ugly ways technology has altered this world and your life. Also if you misuse Technology your doom will be certain. With great technology comes great responsibility.

Now I will conclude with if you are wondering whether if technology is going to alter your life in an good way or a disgusting way the decision is really yours but what you should be wondering is how much times I have said technology in my speech.

This was Aryan Chandra Vinaka and


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Page 25||08||2017

 How has my learning been so far?

I wouldn't say my learning is going good. My learning is going okay in my robotics.

Why? It is because we (our group) has not been able to complete the challenge  that was given to us last term. I mean this is how I feel; I have done my part (programming the robot) but my group is still doing their part. I mean even though we (Timmy and I) had 2 extra helpers I fell like we didn't use them enough. I tried to teach Jaymas how to program the Mbot but he didn't listen and kept giving his what the flip look.  - That was my robotics learning. On the other hand I got my Minecraft learning. In that I am going pretty great. Also I have found out that you can code in Minecraft but not the basic coding I mean move and control items.

Where are you now with your learning ? I am at the stage where I am getting comfortable with programming the Mbot.

(For minecraft?) I am at the stage where I have just found out about a new way to code in minecraft.

What are the next steps you are going to take?

(robotics)- I still need to complete my challenge.  After that I want to share my knowledge.

Minecraft)- I want to look further into that new way of coding.

(Life)- Go to collage.    

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Page 3D printer First Look

Today was an amazing experience. Timmy and I had got to use the LEGENDARY 3D printer. We had first had to calibrate the printer then we had printed a project that was already saved in the SD card we had got with the printer. Then Timmy had instructed me to build a a PROTOTYPE buckle. We had made that and then Timmy realized that the gap was to small because we had used the wrong nozzle size.

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Page ||CAMP||

 Tuesday 12th September was (queue epic music) THE DAY. It was camp day. B13 & B14 were going to camp. It was an exciting moment for every student present. All the students had been split up into van. Timmy, Jaymas and myself were in Matua Nick's Flash Ford Ranger. I was Matua Nicks co-pilot and was the Truck D.J.


We arrived at the Marae and were greeted in. After that all of the students moved all the chairs out-side. I the Afternoon most of the students for a walk while some of the students were preparing dinner.


The Next day all of us were soooo excited because       sand-surfing was the next activity.  In my personal opinion Sand-Surfing was the 3rd best thing we did at camp.


 After breakfast all the students had packed their bags then B13&B14 left in their corespondent van groups. B13&B14 had arrived at the wharf in 5 minutes. B13&B14 straight away started to unpack our lunches, snacks, drink gallon and of course our own bags. There was 6 trips made all together on boat, 3 to get there and 3 to come back. Most students and some teachers had gone across but some other students and I went across on the 3rd trip.  The Sand-Surfing was really amazing though.


After sand-surfing (which was amazing) B13&B14 had quickly got changed and had gone fishing. Fishing did not go so well for many of us. as for only one person had caught a fish but all is well that ends well and our fishing did end well with us going back to the Marae.


The next day was Thursday and on Thursday all the students and 

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Image Gallery Expo Photos

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Page Term 4 Expo

 What went well?


Most of the Process of teaching went well and the 2-way learning experience was also great. What Do I mean by 2-way learning experience ? The learning of the person who I was teaching and the teaching experience.


What went wrong?

 At the first stage I was a little bit nervous but then after awhile I got use to the whole process and also the first few groups I saw started to drift away so Matua Nick gave a very helpful tip. The tip was The students start printing their on projects. 

What Should I do next time?

 For me to improve next time I should ask for feed-back. 

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Page 29/11/2017 Athletics Day

 What was my experience like yesterday?

Yesterday was an amazing experience.


After we had arrived at Jellicoe Park , had got put our bags in the correct location, we had walked over to where everyone was seated. Most students did not want to sit on the grass because the grass had ''Fertiliser'' on it.


All students thought that the fertiliser was actually poop but then Matua Aina came to the rescue and had told the students that it was ''fertiliser'' and it was making the grass softer. Nearly everyone sighed. What the students didn't know was that it was sheep pellet fertiliser.

After that I decided I wanted to help support NHeW3 by holding our banner.



 It was an amazing, excellent and wonderful experience.


What went well?



What went Wrong?

 I did not partake in any of the sports but I did support NHeW3.


What should I do next time?

 Partake in at least 1 sport. 



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Page .

 TERM 3&4

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