Finlayson Park School

Nga Hau e Wha Rua is a team of Year 3 and 4 English medium students with a teaching team comprising of 5 teachers: Marian Then (B2), Lisa-Marie Griffin (B3), Jacqui Davis (B4), Connie Noble (B5) and Moana Puna.  We also work alongside our new Kiribati unit with Whaea Taeang Erika.  Our focus is to empower and engage students through Creation stations, STEAM lessons and  innovative lessons in and outside of the classroom.  This year we want to continue taking our students on trips around Auckland where they can experience learning in the community with a focus on their own cultures and learning about others. We will be emphasising the key competencies and encouraging children to be mindful of  Thinking, relating to others, understanding symbols, language and texts, managing self and participating and contributing.  Our team will continue to uphold the 4 C's and NZC values  to ensure all students receive an overall wholesome and holistic education.

Jacqui Davis is the Team Leader.