Finlayson Park School

 Aligned with the ‘Finlayson Park School Mission Statement’ of ‘Learning and Community’, Hard Materials (woodwork and carving), Soft Materials (working with fabric and textiles) and Food Technology are offered to all Year 7 and 8 students.  Students are encouraged to take on board ‘The Learning of Life Skills’.  The skills students learn from these classes are lifelong, authentic and relate to every day to day living experience.

Students demonstrate a passion and enthusiasm for this area of the curriculum, therefore classroom lessons are designed to nurture, support and foster their needs, wants and acceptance of their cultural diversity.  Expectations in attitude, skill and workmanship are high with the primary focus ‘To Be Proud Of What You Create’.

The primary objective for Hard & Soft Materials and Food Technology is that Finlayson Park School students will walk away from these classes taking and using the skills they have accomplished to be independent, knowledgeable and confident life-long learners.