Finlayson Park School


Te Whare Tapa Wha  -  Health & Wellbeing


Finlayson Park is a Health Promoting School.  We strive to cater for all children’s needs; this being evident in our Health & Wellbeing programmes. 

·         Healthy eating is essential to fuel our children with energy for their body and brain

·         Breakfast at school is offered to kick start their day

·         The tuck shop is full of healthy delicious snacks and drinks

·         Our hearty school lunches with a variety of tasty treats are prepared daily

·         Fresh milk is delivered to classrooms daily

·         Ripe seasonal fruit is enjoyed by all students daily

As a Health Promoting School we encourage environmental activities.  Rubbish is regularly picked up on John Walker Drive, Walker Park and the Manurewa Stream. All rubbish is recycled at school. In this way positive relationships are developed between our students, the community and their environment.

Our students are invited to embrace growing and cooking their own veggies.  Daily feeding and watering of veggie gardens can only be described as mind, body and soul cleansing.

Daily physical fitness and weekly team sports need no encouragement.  Our students are known for their natural athletic abilities and their strength and resilience when competing in various sporting codes.  These very healthy activities boost confidence while contributing to good Health & Wellbeing.  

The Mana Kids Rheumatic Fever programme has raised awareness for our whole school and the wider community.  Health practitioners visit every classroom in our school on a daily bases.

Other Health programmes such as Kiwi Can, Cure Kids, Life Education, Healthy Heart and Daffodil Day are but a few class activities designed to support and contribute to our students well-being and being well.